We made it!! The flight was long and as terribly uncomfortably as it could be. Lindsey got about three hours of sleep and I got about two, my shoulder was killing me but the Lunesta I took at least made me care less about the pain.

Getting through customs was a breeze then on to the biggest challenge, driving. We rented an automatic which is not the norm for around here. Driving on the left side is an experience, more so driving on the left side when there is no visibility is frightening. We made it to the hotel without too much hassle, only problem was that it is 8:30am and they have no rooms ready.

We will go ahead and start our day without the room and regroup for lunch and a nap during the afternoon.


Well we are now officially on the way towards a much needed vacation! The morning started early for me. I managed to turn on my side enough for my shoulder pain to wake me up. Once I was up there was no shutting off my brain, so 4:30am became my wake up time. This will make for a fun day if there is no sleep on the plane.

As if the grandparents were not doing enough, Lindsey’s mother is watching Baxter while we are gone. We dropped him off this morning. He always knows something is going down when he sees the luggage out. I don’t think he was expecting to see both of us leave. I am sure by now he has already jumped in the pool!  So much for that bath he got before we left. He is in good hands though and I a sure that he will enjoy himself. 

My loving mother brought us to the airport this morning which is a huge help as well. Just like going to movies I am very anal practical when it comes to arriving on time. For making flights on time this “practical” nature runs in overdrive. My loving bride is the opposite of this. If she could have her way should would walk around the airport until the plane door is closing and pull some wicked Indy Anna Jones dive roll through the closing door.  She is just cool like that. 

The ride from Houston to Newark was uneventful, Lindsey and I watched movies and I got to enjoy the wonderful Tapas snack box. Surprisingly enough the tapas snack box really is the best of all the snack boxes. It has some fairly healthy items and who can turn down olives on a flight?

We arrived in Newark with the same weather that we left in Houston, rainy. I am not sure if this is just to get us into the “September in Ireland” spirit, but we could care less. If it just means that we sit around in cafés drinking coffee all day then we are good with that.

We are about to get on the flight to Dublin, but had to stop and get one more drink before sitting for 7 hours. Be safe everyone!


Mexican food! Oh, wait…..I mean Jennifer! Tonight we packed Jennifer up and went for to a great Mexican food place for dinner. She will be spending the next few days with her Granna and Paw Paw which she is very excited for. We finished off the evening with a wonderful ice cream treat and Lindsey and I headed back home to finish the dreaded packing.


While I am not sure if she recognizes it, this trip will be the longest Lindsey has been away from Jennifer in her entire life. For me, this is nothing new. While it is no fun being away thankfully technology has it’s miracles that help close the gap.

It does help that when we told Jennifer that Mommy and Daddy were going on a trip without her she was much more excited at the promise of having slumber parties at all of the grandparents houses. On the downside Lindsey is going to have a much tougher time getting Jennifer back into our routine after a week and a bit of being spoiled by grandparents.

With Facebook and Twitter, why even bother with blogging these days? For me, this is going to be more of a brain dump of anything that is going on in Lindsey or my life.

The first fun bit will be our trip to Ireland and Norway, which is Lindsey’s first real international vacation (sitting in a resort does not count!). For me, it will be strange traveling with her when I am so use to heading out in the unknown world alone. I am sure I will need to drink a lot on this trip given that I will be the one driving….on the wrong side of the road. I thought her backseat driving was bad in Houston, it is going to be killer in another country!

After our trip I plan on documenting a lot of my cycling activities. This will be mostly for me to help keep track of progress and which disgusting energy gel I tried which made my tongue turn red for an hour.